Monday, 30 September 2013

I'm 21st ~ Purple Moon Valley @ Ipoh

It was the day that i have a simple day out with Kar Kar. It can consider either birthday celebration or just another gathering session. Went to had Japanese foods and shopping with her before coffee time.

This shop is originally a cake shop and it moved to a bigger shop lot not long ago to add in coffee business. For those who know their old shop location but don't know it new shop location, the new one actually just opposite of it old shop.

Not much spaces to sit actually, there is around 6 tables only in total.

I like their creative and vintage feel of interior design.

Tropical Rain Forest, RM7.50.
This is not too sweet and it is very fresh.

Black Romance, RM7.50.

Coffee Latte, RM6.80.
I'm not really satisfied with this because the coffee is not rich enough.

Thanks Kar Kar for this necklace. It might not luxury for those who used to buy branded product but it is expensive for me and it is the most expensive gift i got from friend so far.

Besides, thanks Mun Yee for the cake and present on the actual day. 

Thanks my parent for the present as well. See how funny is my dad to give me the present and it is so meaningful. There is a "love letter' from my dad also.

Won't wear it out because it is too dangerous to have gold with me on the road.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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