Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Roquette Cafe @ Ipoh

Another newly opened cafe in Ipoh  which located beside Burps & Giggles . I bet most of Ipoh people know about B&G cafe, if you are not, click inside the link to check it out then. 
This cafe has some relationship with DAP and the name of cafe it sound like Roquette = Rocket.
There is Nga Kor Ming(倪可敏) printed mug selling there which placed on top of this cabinet.

3 biscuits for RM5.
The staff told us that all biscuits are homemade one, it taste nice actually but too bad Xiao Tung doesn't like it because of the taste of milk grievance. 

Cappuccino, RM9.
The sugar serve in this way is so cute and creative. I like they way it served, dip it into the coffee and it will melt slowly. This cappuccino taste very good !

Xiao Tung ordered Juver-Orange, RM8.

It's a nice place for chitchat and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Thanks for the self design cupcake although the cupcake not bake by her and thanks for the present and DIY card.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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