Thursday, 24 October 2013

Ho Chi Minh City & Tulips Hotel @ Vietnam

It's my first time to take plane, Air Aisa make everyone can fly now. Feeling excited for my first time.
We can see there is a lot of big and small rivers while landing to Vietnam airport and what i told my Baba about those rivers is they look like "teh tarik" because all are in brown color.

We took around 1 hour 45 minutes to reach Vietnam from LCCT @ KL. We had 5 persons for this trip originally but my brother's GF was sick and she missed the trip.

The first meal i took in Vietnam not their local food but Burger King, Croissan'wich bacon, 55,000Dong, it's around RM9.20. It's so so so tasty !

Our destination of this trip was Ho Chi Minh City which located at South of Vietnam. 
After we had our breakfast at the airport then we took public bus to the bus stop opposite Ben Thanh Market. I will giving tips in every of the Vietnam post based on my experienced and i hope it can help those who planning to go Vietnam. Sharing is caring.S here is the first tips, bare in mind that the public bus will not give change to you no matter how much you pay so have small change with you.

Tulips Hotel Saigon was the hotel we stay over for 3 nights. We booked 2 rooms, one is double room and one is triple room, each person cost around RM100+  included breakfast.You can choose fried rice, chicken/beef noodles or french toast and coffee, tea or orange. Highly recommended for their noodles ! It's so so so delicious. Beef noodles is a must-eat food in Vietnam. I'm not used to eat beef but i tried it because i must try different thing when i go to different place.   

One of the receptionist of the hotel. I think majority of the female in Vietnam talk softly.
 One thing i must highlight is they really provide good service ! Every receptionist or staff are very friendly, they won't fail to help you. Not to worry about the language use for communication because they can speak English and a little bit of Chinese.

 Ho Chi Minh city.

There is taxi every where.

Tabouret is one of their characteristic. You can see many small businesses everywhere along the road.

Tourists like us are not used to the traffic condition because there is too much of motorcycles and my Baba was interested to the roundabout which near by our hotel because the busy of the traffic. You might not understand how busy and complicated it is, i recorded some videos and i will upload them in one video. 

Since we are not familiar to the new place so we search for the help of travel agency.

Bare in mind of those seller along the roadside as well because they really "good" in doing business. When we searching for location and there was one seller spotted us and he was so friendly to show us location and told us the working time of those attractions. He told us that his shoulder pole is very heavy and asked my brother to try it then he took one coconut from the container and chopped it for us. We quickly stop him from chopping another one for us. The coconut is not free and it quite expensive.

Workers are sitting on the tabourets as well. I think workers in Malaysia will not do so.

Every traffic light are with one big and one small. I think the small one is special for motorcycle riders.

It consider another small business. 

Selling mineral water only can be one small business too. Every stalls selling different price of mineral water, once you found a cheap one you may buy more instead of searching again when you need it. The hotel do not provide provide water for refill.

One scene that we impossible to see in Malaysia also is scavengers work day and night. Very appreciate for that and the streets in Vietnam are much cleaner than Malaysia.

Spring roll is one of the must-eat food in Vietnam.

This is coconut fried rice. It not only place the fried rice inside the coconut but they fried the rice together with copra.

Another must-eat food of Vietnam is french toast.  There is many stall along the road side and each of them may put different ingredients to the french toast.

We do bought some instant beef noodles back to Malaysia but the beef noodle i ate in the hotel is better. 

Some strange stuffs that i saw in Vietnam.

Red light for car but green lift for motorcycle. This is one of the reason why the traffic in Vietnam is always busy and complicated.

1000Dong is around RM0.20 only !

 That's all for the first post of my Vietnam trip will update more in the coming post.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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