Monday, 1 April 2013

Wushu Night 2 @ UTAR,Kampar

I seldom attend event due to my close friends around me are not those active type of person who are seldom attend event also. Actually i like to attend event because i believe that most of the performances are nice although there is some events are boring. Thanks GOD i able to attend this event because Wushu Night 2 is amazing.  
I'm not going with UTAR friends but Ipoh friends due to one to the performer is my ex-colleague so that i invited other ex-colleague to support her. My friends are late due to they need to work. The event start at 7pm and i reached there at around 7.40pm,how i scare that i miss out those interesting part. I think the event start late as well,the event just started when we reached.

First time i tried this kind of eyeliner. Want to try it long time ago and i think i succeed. What do u think ?

Ribbon freak i am. I really wish that everything of me is ribbon. hahaha

Seriously,this is my first time to see the nigh view of UTAR Grand Hall. 

Louis and Hui Xin.

Due to they came late,so that i went out to bring them go into the hall however we took some photos before we went in.

Thanks them to come so that i can joined this event.

It's their first time to visit UTAR so that it is the prove of they ever visit UTAR.hahaha

I can see how much effort they put in,they really did a great job.
Photo above and below are taken from somewhere.

My favorite part of the night,the noctilucent dragon dance .

Purposely find LeiChiann to say Happy Birthday to her.

Angel Ng. My friend since the first sen i start my UTAR's life. 

Chang E !!
Kit Yin is the one we support ! She is the most popular one of that night,she have many fans included me.

Wushu Night 2 is the best performance i seen in UTAR.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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