Monday, 25 March 2013

Easy Bow Hair Tutorial

If you are my follower,i bet you know that i'm a big big ribbon lover ! I tried to make bow hairdo long time ago but FAILED. I saw many photos and searched the tutorial from YouTube about the steps how to make bow hair until my friend tagged me in one of the photo and i got the impulse to try again. I am succeed this time. So happy !

At first,i just think to make photo tutorial but after i tried,it is quite difficult since no one is helping me to take photo so i have to take photo and make the bow hair all by myself. So i decided to make video tutorial which is much more easy actually.

Remember PRACTICE MAKE PERFECT ! For those who have medium or long hair are able to DIY this bow hair.

Here is the video tutorial :
Let's learn this updo bow hair and you can have a special hairstyle when outing.

Here the photo tutorial : 
 I think video tutorial is more easy for understanding.
Hope you like it.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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