Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Ombre nail art tutorial

Bored of travel and food posts.So make a nail art tutorial before continue with others food and birthday post.

Ombre color is so popular nowadays no matter is hair or nail art. I don't have ombre hair because my parent not allow ( good girl ) but i can have ombre nail art. Watched many tutorial from FB and YouTube, and decided to have a nice because ombre nail art is nice and easy to do as well. U can find the tools easily.
 Here the sample. 
Theme : Light blue and white.

What you need :
1. Base coat
2. Light blue color nail lacquer 
3. White color nail lacquer
4. Top coat
5. Cotton
6. Sponge 
7. Toothpick

Let's start :)
The first step always the apply base coat..

The second step is to apply 2 layers of white color nail lacquer.
It's doesn't matter if nail lacquer is out of the nail areas ( my skills is not that good,i did it always but i have the solution,let's continue read this post and u will know it ) .

Third step is to apply the white and light blue color lacquer on the sponge like the photo above.
( You can buy sponge at Watsons, Guardian or anywhere else that selling those sponge for make up use. )

Slightly press the sponge on the nails.

Moving the sponge like up and down 2-3 times to make sure the light blue color is eventually apply on the upper part of the nails.
 Moving the sponge left and right 2-3 times to make sure the nail lacquer fully apply with the width of nails.

( See the photo below to check the outcome)   
See how dirty it is.
Btw, i will show how to remove those nail lacquer that out of the nail areas.

Here it is, the purpose of using toothpick.
Take a little of cotton and roll it at the end of the toothpick make it similar like the photo above and dip some lacquer remover then u can slowly remover those lacquer that out of the nail areas. 

And the last step always apply top coat.


Is it easy ?
Is it nice ?

In love with ombre nail art.
Do u feel like wanna try it after read the tutorial ?
If there is any step that u r confuse can comment on below to ask me,i will reply u what u need to do is just check comment back.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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