Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Touch the nature

Continue of previous post,the 2nd day and also the last day relatives stay in Ipoh. As everyone know,there is not much places to visit in Ipoh. I suggested to go "Guan Yin Tong" since they all never went before included my parent. "Ji Le Tong" is nearby there,so went there first before "Guan Yin Tong".

Eldest brother and Baba.

Mami and Baba.

洞外有天,if u didn't climb up the staircases and u couldn't see the nice view on the other side.

Cousin holding my baby niece. Lovely moment.

"Guan Yin Tong is 2nd place we visited.

 We are Monkey baby.

 Lovely Baba and Mami.

 Guess how old !
See if u correct :)

 Know all of u guess wrongly !
Dirty minded. tsk tsk tsk..hahhah

"Guan Yin Tong" is so beautiful.
Is different from "Perak Tong","San Bao Tong" and so on..

 They just acting.
Good actors ..haha

 The only niece who cry when touching "Kong Zi",she scared.
People believe that will bring good luck in studies by touching "Kong Zi".

 Cousin bought so many packs of fish feed for kids to feed fishes nearby the river.

3 lovely babies.

That's all for post. Don't feel like wanna split it into 3 posts so i just split it into 2 posts so that i can update about others faster.

Stay turn.
Have a nice day. 

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