Thursday, 4 October 2012

My big day 2012~Part 2

It's still 15th of Sept..Had a surprise in the afternoon and the surprise haven't end yet ! After Gia Wei them left at around 4pm something and i online a while then felt so tired then i decided to sleep a while. It's so hard to fall asleep but when i was like half sleep,someone knocked my door,i thought i heard wrongly but then another knock again then i got up and opened the door,Mr.Tan(worker of the hostel) told me that he would like to clean the fan. I was like...okay..i just woke up and bath and had my dinner then because i think it is impossible for me to continue sleep. 
After dinner,i just forced myself to study since i kept delay and the exam was coming. Lin opened the main door of the hostel and i thought her friend coming and i just ignored it but Lin came in my room our of sudden and said :"Xiao Wen.........." and she stopped..She didn't continue,i stared at her and she stared at me..I was like..any bad thing happen ? I scared by her !

But then,Angel , Mun Yee and Andy holding a birthday cake and sang birthday, But But But,the door of my room bang the bed of Gia Wei (the door can't fully open because Gia Wei's bed is behind of the door) and they stopped sang the birthday song and kept laughing. I was shocked and felt funny at the same time.

Then we went to the living room,Angel them felt like wanna sing a complete birthday song again but they laughed again so i just allowed them not to sang the birthday song again.It's ok !
Then we had photo session.

Thanks Lin who helped them opened the door so that they can came in the hostel.

Thanks you all...

A cute cake with a cute bear bear and many colorful flowers..

Is it mint color or green color..Like the color. The cake just like those for child ? Because it so colorful and cute. I Keeping the windmill. :)

2 surprise and celebration within one day.
It doesn't have any celebration on the actual day which is 16th of Sept btw i already feel contentment. This year was different because i private my birthday on FB so that everyone won't aware of my birthday just because i don't want to reply so many wishes from friends,families,relatives and even strangers..I did not have more than 100 wishes on FB and SMS also but then i felt happy also because i got wishes from family,relatives and some friends who remember my birthday..This is what i want.. 

My birthday celebration still haven't end yet !

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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