Friday, 25 May 2012

Uncle Joost's birthday 2012

It's the first time we celebrate Uncle Joost's birthday.Uncle Joost is my Baba's friend.He is from Holland.Uncle Joost treated us for dinner.He not really know the place in Ipoh although he live in Ipoh for many years.We brought him to some places where serve western foods,and this time we brought him to another new place that he never go there,we went to Yeolde English that night. 

 Baba brought Uncle Joost a cake. It is pandan layer cake.

 He is uncle Joost.

 He treat us like family members and we do.He is so happy that we celebrate birthday with him.
Nice to meet him and i can improve my English because he only know English,so force to speak English with him and my dad not good in English,i'm be his interperter.

Stay turn.
Have a nice day.

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