Friday, 1 June 2012

Day out with Love one

Few of my friends asked me:"today back Ipoh ?","u don't go back Ipoh ?" and i told them i already in Ioh since Wed. HOW COME ? Because my class till 3.30pm on Wed so i just back on that day due to my mum still can't not suitable household now,so i come back early to help her. 

There was only 2 dating with my friends.Not gonna update the 2nd one since we didn't took photo that day.

Black and white stripes .

White and black stripes.

Actually i dated Lin to go Dior counter to try out their lipstick and according to Pakson FB page that can get  a temporary tattoo after try out all 12 colors and without any purchase. We wish to get the tattoo ,sound interesting ,but may be Pakson and Dior got some misunderstand,the Dior's worker told us that we need to buy their product in order to get the tattoo.Gosh...So we just gave up and went to try come outfits.

Lin tried this heel.

And i tried this,too high for me,i just walk unnaturally.

The mice so cute especially it's tooth.Spot it..

The shopkeeper told me that can't take photo over there,but i just want to do it,she can't really stop me also.

I'm fat and i know it .

My friends told me that this dress suit me,but i think it not really my style.

Which suite me? Which u like ?

After we tried so much of outfits ,we went to the little cafe inside the Why Why Bookstore for tea.

We both ordered toast.

My Tiramisu. 
Actually i expect yo have nice coffee art everytime i order coffee because it will cheer me up.

My dear,Lin.

We took bus back that day as my Mami don't want fetch me back .T___T sad right? 
Lin and me were the first one get into the bus,so the view won't spoil by other people.. *evil laugh.

Stay turn.
Have a nice day.

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