Friday, 8 June 2012

Hospital Fatimah + Our Life Haven Cafe

Went to Hospital Fatimah,Ipoh to accompany my Mami on 16th May to did an operation.Her uterus loosed  but it doesn't matter actually because no tumor inside but she decided to did the operation during my sem break because want me to do household . 
The operation succeed. The doctor said the operation needed 1 hour but my Mami went in the operation room more than 1 hour ,i just curious and a bit worried because there is only me waiting my Mami,until the doctor came out and told me that the operation succeed and finished for some time already just they chatting inside >.< But my Mami still inside the operation room so long after the doctor came out.
I went to have lunch after Mami came up and back to the room,Mami was sleeping and i think she suffering because of the narcotic and the wound. 

Went lunch alone at the cafeteria of the hospital.
Unfortunately only 2-3 vege and meat to choose so i rather choose some desserts.

And a cup of coffee.

The new born baby boy crying,pity boy.
Saw new born twin baby girls also but didn't take photo...Saw many new born baby on that 3 days.

My eldest bro came back Ipoh to see my Mami on the day my Mami did the operation,but it already around 12am when he reached i think,so we went to hospital together on the next day. Brother brought us to his friend's cafe on the night.
Our Life Heaven Cafe,First Garden,Ipoh. Right beside GP food court.

Get my laptop back on that day so i took photo by using webcam.

Baba ordered ice-cream.

Beloved Baba.

The colorful drink ordered by the couple.

Eldest bro and his gf.

My cappuccino.
Addicted to cappuccino ,but i prefer to have nice coffee art because it will brighten my day . I expect to have nice coffee art before the cappuccino came but it disappoint me.

Feel free to drop by to the cafe.

Stay turn.
Have a nice day.

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