Friday, 15 June 2012

Relatives visited

I know i didn't update my blog frequently :(

Okay~ Let's talk about this post.
Since my Mami did an operation,so my relatives came Ipoh to visit my Mami.Saturday night they came and Sunday evening they back. 
My cousin brought a new DSLR just because my they like and want to capture their children.Photo is the best way to keep all the memories so that i like to take photo also.

Their big toy.. Kam Mou.
Whenever Hui Hui see a dog in book or what,she will say that is Kam Mou...So Cute

Kam Mou is too active and just don't like to listen order. So that i used food to control him ! The best way ever.

Wow... Took the DSLR to "investigate"... This is work..

With my aunt and Yuan Yuan.

The following photos also credited by me.

See her eyelashes ... So long ! It's natural..

Use my cousin's DSLR to capture my Kam Mou.

My model...Is a naughty model..hahhaa

Exhausted because my niece and nephew keep chased and play with Kam Mou.

Captured flowers also.

All photos are original,without edit.

This is the funny shot ever !
Kam Mou is chasing Le Le and he just look like flying in the air.Love this shot,credited by me also.U will feel happy if u see this photo when u r unhappy...hahha

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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