Thursday, 21 June 2012

Starwalk 2012

Went to Starwalk on 17.6.2012 with Gia Wei and Ming Heng.

 Drawing on shirt is one of the trend now ? Saw few persons draw something on their shirts.

 My lovely friends Gia Wei and Ming Heng.

 Some lucky restaurants and petrol stations got many business on that day.

 I know everyone will look at me,but i won't care,because i want to take photo with many people around me..haha

 Get the certificate.

 I used to get Magnum logo but this year is special,got Pallas.

 Didn't accompany and celebrate with Ming Heng on his birthday,but Gia Wei and me just have a small celebration,but it not really a celebration,just like a gathering.Btw,we were happy.

 Went to lunch after Starwalk and fetch Ming Heng to get his car. It's manual car,Gia Wei don't know how to drive manual car,but she just want to have a try,funny when the car was move..

 An old but cute car.

 3 of us.

 First time sit on the car Ming Heng driving.
Gia Wei's brother follow us too.Want to say that Ming Heng drive so fast !

 Saw some characters that walking on the road.They told me is for advertising purpose.

 Gia Wei fetch me to Ipoh Parade because i want to buy something.
Saw the Hello Kitty mascara from Maybelline,so cute.

 Football balloon decoration all over the Ipoh Parade.

Went to the place that my dad my mum will go almost Sunday.
 Try on my new phone's camera.

500 mega pixels camera for Samsung Galaxy Ace.
I quite like the outcome but i hate the outcome when take photo under yellow light,the color of the photo taken will totally not same as original.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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