Saturday, 29 October 2011

Devil's Kitchen

It's was Friday night,28.20.2011,walked back home with a high speed but not run because there was rain before that and the sky getting darker together with lightning .Used only 20 minutes to rush back home,it consider fast as i used 30 minutes normally with normal speed.
It was arounf 6.50pm when i reached hostel and straight away went for dinner due to we were hungry.We planned to to Easy House but it was closed.So we went to Devil's Kitchen,it was Little Kitchen before that,i think the boss and the menu have changed,but the interior design still the same.

Susu and me...

Both of us ordered set,it consist of a drink,main course and soup.
Both of us chose soya instead of herbal tea.

Susu's Devil's spicy chicken rice.
I think it is only curry chicken .

My mushroom chicken chop rice.
The mushroom sauce is quite nice,not like other mushroom sauce of other restaurant which tasteless or taste bad.This one is quite nice.Just like what Susu said :" mushroom sauce got mushroom taste." ...haha

Me with my set of dinner.
It cost RM7.50,i think is reasonable...

 Then we went to a stall located in front of Secret Recipe of Kampar New town.Heard from my friends that it very nice.Heard it for so long but never try before,lastly got the chance to try.

We bought fried sweet potato and fried chicken.
I RECOMMENDED it too,it really nice.Both we bought also nice.For the chicken,some of those fried chicken outside was fried with a lot of flour but this one not ! NICE ! 

Craving for it but it fats =(


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