Sunday, 30 October 2011

Watermelon boat

It was Saturday,29.10.2011,ended class at around 2.40pm ( class dismissed early ), went out with Susu. Planned to eat dessert at dessert shop but the 2 shop we went also closed ! Bad luck,so we ended up ate at the place we went there before那一间。 

 Life in Kampar is nothing special ,so, what i can post is about foods,because i have to eat everyday.

 He don't like to take photo XDD

 Wall sticker of the shop.

 Both of us share this watermelon boat.
Half of the watermelon,4 scoops of ice-cream,some cream,some cornflakes, few litchis, and some chocolate  rice.
It cost RM8.50 if not mistaken.

We ordered french fried also.

Ate Banana boat few times but never eat watermelon boat before.There is papaya boat also.
Like dessert !


  1. 才rm8.50 only 价钱很值得,找天得试试看~

  2. 对啊对啊。。。来金宝时去试试看吧 =)


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