Friday, 4 November 2011

Mamak stall

I didn't update my blog few days already,it is because i was not in good condition on past few days,menstrual pain is the one kill my mood every month and make me suffer like hell every month ! How come i will be so suffer but not like other still can do anything they like,but what i can do when suffer is just sleep,because i won't feel the pain when successfully  fall asleep... 

Back to the topic,went to Ghany Corner on last Sunday. It is a famous mamak stall located in Kampar new town,nearby KTAR.We(5 housemates) used to went Ghany once we stay in Kampar every Sunday,but now...haiz...forget about the sad thing...

 The place got Indian then will have pigeons ....

 Teh tarik...Must drink when go to mamak stall.Their teh tarik is NICE !

 Roti canai.

 My breakfast...

 Roti telur...There is chicken curry  and bean curry if not mistaken.

Susu's mee goreng.

Seem many sad things happened recently,but i don't want and don't wish to tell,or may be will tell in future if i really really sad and to release my sadness through blog ? But i don't wish i need this post as i wish to settle it. I'm the one won't emo always as i don't like the feeling of emo ,and, friends,please keep in touch and use your truly heart to make friends with me,i will do that to u too may be i can't show by my action but my heart  will have the words " you are my 100% best friend !" .

EMO ! please go away !


  1. girl.....take good care~
    hmmm....try not to hav somethg 'cold' when it almost near tat time....
    gambateh lar.....i noe u can do it d...CHEERS^^

  2. i admit that i drink too much cold think this month..T___T and it super super suffer...will try to drink lesser of ice(but i try not to drink before,didn't drink at all,but still very pain)besides stomach pain,my waist also pain everytime,if my stomach not pain,my waist will make me feel suffer also..=((

  3. hmmm...perhaps u can have somethg hot~~
    earm,tat's d prob of being a girl....sometimes i do suffer frm it too.....~~take very good care of urself....^^
    yr most welcome~~

  4. i will...i tried many many do cure it...haiz...take care of yourself too ^^


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