Sunday, 6 November 2011

Easy House

It was last Sunday night,Susu and me went to Easy House for dinner.I went there before and i make a post on that also...
 I used Susu's hp to captured photos because his hp's camera is hing quality than mine.

 There was no customer when we reach,may be it's still early ? But there was some customers after a while.

 Our table no.

 I can't believe myself dare to drink tomato juice.I don't like and even hate that taste.This one is tomato milk,may be because added milk,and i still can accept the taste and i told myself that i should force myself to drink tomato juice everyday to get use to the taste and tomato is good for our skin.So may be i should try.

 My lemon chicken chop.I ate this before,but not the Easy House of Kampar,but Easy House of Ipoh.

Black pepper wu dong mee.

Quite full because it's quite big portion for me...

Just a short update.


  1. tomato milk is healthy :) u should drink more ^^

  2. hihi leng lui~ XD

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  3. Fish-yaya...will try to drink more...heees...u like it ?
    Mr Lonely-welcome to my blog ^^ thanks dropped by


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