Saturday, 12 November 2011

Charity campaign..

Back to Ipoh finally,2 weeks didn't back,miss home so much.
I busy and lazy to blog recently...OMG...But finally i'm back ! Finished 2 midterm tests and one more to go.There is 1 midterm test and 1 presentation on next week,same date some more...
Back to the topic...
Mun Yee,Xiao Tung and me were helpers of a charity campaign,and we in charged of food fair.We thought that the foods and drinks selling were prepared by others and our job is just sell it,but then we were WRONG ! We need to prepare the foods and drinks ourselves actually.

We chose to prepared sandwich.
Let's see our ingredients :
We planned to use tuna actually,due to the cost problem,they bought us sardines =.="

Mayo ...Yes ! Tesco cost also...

Sardines mixed with mayo.

Xiao Tung mixed the sardines and mayo...
(At Mun Yee's hostel)

I don't like sardines actually and also tuna...don't know why...


Yes...we used rice cooker to cook the eggs.

Mun Yee...honestly,the speed u peel of egg shell is really SLOW ! hahahhaha
U don't know i took this photo is it ?

Angel Sing.
She helped us also.

Gardiner bread.

Xiao Tung was the one mixed the eggs and mayo also.

Some problem between Mun Yee and her BF,but already settle ! 
U like smiley ,then u should be happy and smile always u know ?

We make 50 sandwiches ,we already added quite much portion of ingredient to the sandwiches and still got extra,so this the one that MUST CAN NOT find it at outside,or may be will charge u RM10 for it ??? May be...but we make it for Mun Yee and Angel Sing.
I didn't try the sandwich due to i was menstrual pain and i had no appetite at all at that time.

Angel Sing...

Was not in good condition that time,so i didn't capture my photo.But got them is already enough right ? 
Stay turn for next post,will have me ...

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