Friday, 29 April 2011

Strawberry Moment

Hello HeLLo HELLO ^^

Finally i'm here to update my blog...

Yay...I'm Happy because :
1. Final exam is over 
2. Sem break is start
3. Ipoh , i'm back 

Okay...5 days marathon exam is finally over...I believe that majority of Utarian is so stress during the exam,n even can't sleep well (because they burn midnight oil,exclude me).So once finish the exam,Xiao Tung,Cheng Yee & me were straight away back to Ipoh to celebrate this happy moment at Strawberry Moment,DeGarden...We enjoyed our time at there by eating,chatting,taking thousand of photos...Due to it not holiday,n yesterday is Friday,there is no other customers in the cafe,except us,so we were enjoy ourself n chatting like nobody business...

Sorry for late..because i used many hours to chose & to edit photos + watching William & Kate wedding LIVE on NTV7 ...their wedding was just too grand & amazing...Like Kate's wedding dress to the max,simple yet gorgeous...William is handsome & Kate is pretty...perfect match..wish them love forever n happy.

Ouch~i seem out of   topic..come back come back ..

Let's see what we did in Strawberry moment cafe....

Come on girls...CHEERS...
Apple ice tea for Cheng Yee,Strawberry ice tea for Xiao Tung & ice lemon tea for me.

Look tasty,in fact,it tasty too...My chicken spaghetti..

My set of lunch...chicken spaghetti,ice lemon tea & strawberry mousse...

Look nice right ? this one is fish chop, for Cheng Yee...

Cheng Yee's set of chop,apple ice tea & cappuccino cake..

Chicken chop...are u drooling right now ?

Xiao Tung's set of lunch...Chicken chop,strawberry ice tea & chocolate mousse cake..
like Xiao Tung expression..just too funny..i laugh many times when i editing photos... 

Spot Xiao Tung ..

Specially for Xiao Tung..because took too much photos,so u summarized in one photos. 

Strawberry ...wink wink ^^

Like the environment there seriously..really suitable to take photo..
that's why we took "thousand" of photos there..

Below are some photos took in Strawberry house...Do u agree with me that the environment is NICE ?

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