Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Dating with love

Due to my holidays ended on 16.10.2011,and will have class on Saturday this sem so i dated my love one on 15.10.2011.I will miss them much because can't meet them for around 2 months may be.
Outfit of the day.

Went to eat brunch ...
My mix fruit ice.

We headed to Ipoh Parade as what we planned .
My love one,Kar Kar.

Just too bored to walked around Ipoh Parade as we have nothing to buy also,so we just had some drinks at Why Why Book Shop.Yes,is in the book shop! There is a small cafe inside the book shop.

Banana boat.

My cappucino ice blended.

Kar Kar went to capsule toy because she want Doremon,but the one she got she already have one,so she gave me.

Here the one.

Due to there is nothing to play with in Ipoh Parade so we went to Jusco which not in our plan.

The Mario so cute.

Kar and me.

Was pretending but we really got race car....

Pei Yee play for few games already...she must play it when go to Jusco.OMG

All white...without planning.

Sweet couple.

4 of us also white ! haha

I split it into 2 posts,so stay turn for the next post ! 

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