Sunday, 16 October 2011

Hatyai trip ~ Part 3

Woke up at 6 something in the morning and prepared for gathered to have breakfast at 8am. 
The trousers i bought at the water market.RM20.

We not ate our breakfast at our hotel but at another hotel.Lee Garden hotel.

What i took.

Honey waffer,bread with eggs and deep-friend dough sticks(smaller in size in Thailand).

My breakfast.

Because i scare i will gastric again and don't know what time can eat lunch so i decided to took another cup of chocolate.The lime is just for decoration.

Why i never think of eat Mc Donald,heard the tour guide said the pork burger very nice which we can't find it in Malaysia.

We went to market by "dut dut" car.

The market selling,foods,cloths,shoes,bags and so on...

If u know to deduct the price with the seller,u can buy many cheap stuffs there.

The man is an old friend of my mami that didn't contact since after they Standard 6.My brother and uncle ever tried to find the man and got his phone number also when they went to Hatyai,but my mami still unable to find him.Luckily they met ! Should be very happy.

12pm we need to check out and left Hatyai.
Some of the stuffs of others who came back to Malaysia from US,so they bought MANY stuffs back to US.

Leaving Hatyai.

Bought some corns at customs while waiting others.
It's special right ? But totally not nice to eat.

The DIGI sign keep changing when went to different places.

There is a HUGE paddy field in Alor Setar, we can see it along the highway for don't know how many km....

At rest station .
My "ying zai" baba.

My pretty mami.

It should be only Hatyai trip but at the end it became Hatyai and Penang trip.
Went to a pharmaceutical factory located in Penang.

Serve by some cakes and drinks and also fried noodles.

The man present the products of the factory.

Everyone of us got a bowl of ginseng chicken soup.

My baba bought the ginseng powder and bought Noni Plus tea for me which is for detox.
Can bought a more cheaper price compare with if we bought at pharmacy outside.
We then went for seafood dinner at Bukit Tambun,Penang.

I bought trousers and 3 pairs of shoes only,it is lesser than my expectation.


Ribbon again...hehe

I wish i can go Hatyai again for shopping.
Have a nice trip.
Happy moments with baba and mami.

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