Friday, 14 October 2011

Hatyai Trip ~ Part 2

Seem like everything is not successfully this week.Not feeling for few days and some other problem.The only thing that no need to worry anymore was my result,it not good result,the worst result i ever get in Uni but luckily all passed.I will do better hope that i won't get this result again.

Back to happy thing.Continue with the trip,a lot of photos wanna share it out.
After the Thai massage,we all gathered at the lobby then headed to Guan Yin Hill.  

It is white jade Guan Yin from China.

It has 9 meter more so that we look very little.

What is that ?

Zoom in ...
We didn't climb up to there,because too high.

View of Hatyai from the hill.

My baba...
The tall tall one is for people to set off firecrackers.People said that firecrackers there is very very cheap and is legal to do it !


We then went to water market for had dinner.

This is what it call,water market.

Told her how many u want and she will pass it to u by using a basket with a bamboo and u pay her by put the money to the basket when u take the foods.It's easy and quite special that we never see it in Malaysia.

It is hot dog wrapped by bread with eggs.And some sauces on top,it quite nice.


It look like sushi,i not sure whether it is,it attracted me,but i didn't buy it .

I think it is jelly,it super duper cute and nice,but baba said it contains many colour factors so didn't buy.

There is other areas which selling foods and drinks also and there is some stalls selling cloths,shoes,fruits and others.

Drinks there were serve together with those porcelain cups.It quite cheap till we can't find it in Malaysia. I saw Doremon ,and i think of Kar Kar,so i bought the drink just because of the Doremon cup.

I regretted why not i buy few to as souvenirs for myself and also for friends ? Stupid.

Don't know what fruits it is..

We bought this,Mango sticky rice.If not mistaken is RM2.
We didn't added in the coconut milk due to it is not healthy for "old people"(they still young in my heart) like my baba and mami.It is quite a weird combination but it no bad also.

The tour guide and the bus driver were not punctual at all.And we didn't buy much things to eat,actually we very very hungry.We headed back to the night market near to our hotel.
Baba,mami and me walked walked and walked and we found out this stall.
Selling fried noodles.
See,got many people queuing up there.

We order 2 plates to share.Honestly it not nice.The tour guide told us that this stall were the most delicious one,OMG,it got a bit scorched flavor.

We then searched for other foods .I'm not in good condition that time due to stomach was pain seriously.So didn't took much photos.There is a stall selling fried seafood,but we didn't buy.

We saw mini apples also.The apples are double smaller the the normal apples.

My mami's favorite.It's bigger than normal size and my mami bought one.
She said it doesn't taste nice.

Due to my gastric,i totally didn't have the appetite to eat and i don't know whether i'm hungry or not,so that i just ordered one cup of Milo and my mami and baba were ordered dessert .It costs RM5.
Those foods were not cheap and even expensive than Malaysia one.The tour guide said because we were in the city.

We back to hotel after that and i prepared to sleep even though it only around 10pm,i just too tired because of the gastric which suffered me for whole day.But the aunt who same room with me was not back to hotel yet due to some of them went to watch show.Luckily i can heard she knock the door when i already fall asleep if not she need to sleep at the corridor ..hehe

Stay turn for part 3...

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