Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hatyai Trip ~ Part 1

Was request my parent to go Hatyai few times,but due to time problem,we can't go. I was hesitate whether wanna go this time ,because my period was at that few days,if no menstrual pain then is the best,but if there is ? I make be suffer like hell,those who see me when i menstrual pain before will know. But at last i decided to go.Luckily the day when go is the 3rd day,should be not much problem.BUT i was gastric due to too hungry and i can't even sleep in the bus.Bus started at 12am on 8.10.2011,i felt hungry before started the journey,but i have no appetite to eat and u thought that it should be okay after i sleep,but i didn't think that i'm not able to sleep in the bus at all.I slept for may be 45 minutes only while the bus stopped when waiting customs to open at 6am.I think it was my first time that i only sleep without 1 hour. 
We had our breakfast at Thailand,chicken rice.
Not nice and due to gastric,i can't finish it.

Roasted pork rice...

The main purpose of those uncles and aunties to Hatyai is to worship for win the lottery .We went to 猪笼入水庙,means that those money can come in easily but hard to go off.To go in the temple ,we need to across this rubber estate...

Guan Yin.

This is the God of wealth of Thailand.It is such a big different compare with the God of wealth of Malaysia.

This "miao miao" is quite big already,but still want drink "nen nen".

Everyone were inside the temples to let monk pray and to wrote something on their wallets and purses so that they can win the lottery.But baba,mami and me were sit at outside because we didn't buy lottery one,we no need do that although is free.

Then  we went to eat bird's-nest.Again,baba.mami and me didn't eat,my dad said don't know how is the bird's-nest make by because it costs only RM20 per bowl.So we walked around.

Ice-cream.RM2 per cup.

It quite special and quite weird also.Because it contain breads,sticky-rice,nuts.

After that we went to the shop selling local products then we ate lunch at a restaurant. Ice of Thailand is quite cute,it smaller in side and long.

And those drinks in Thailand won't be full,it normally 70% full only.

What famous in Thai ? That's "dut dut" car.

We checked in out hotel after that.
We stay at The Regency Hotel.

View from my room.

View from my room.The swimming pool is our hotel one.

The room is double room and due to baba,mami and me 3 persons,so i had to sleep with one aunt. 
She quite friendly and talkative..

Another famous in Thai ! Massage...The first time i tried massage.It is RM30 whole body for around 1 hour 45 minutes.It quite pain sometimes but quite enjoy till i almost fall asleep...

1000 Bath = RM100

Stay turn for part 2.

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