Monday, 10 October 2011

{AD} Hello Kitty Mask

Hello,i'm back...Had 2 day 1 night trip to Hatyai before,I'm back to here now ! Have u miss me ? hehe
Before i record and share my trip here,i share this Hello Kitty mask first,because they trip's photos still haven't resize yet.

I think many of u no matter girls or boys also like mask right ? It is quite enjoy when doing the mask.
Hello Kitty mask so adorable right ?I like it too.

There is other types,but i only bought this...

It different compare with other mask.

It extended...your neck can enjoy for it also.

It can tighten tighten your face,your double chin.

The smile is nice as well.
The effect also good, I RECOMMENDED IT !!!

If u want to buy this , can go to Alexandra's Beauty search for it or for more information,there is many other beauty stuffs also.

Enjoy your day~

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