Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Lost World Hot Spring & Spa

Went to Lost World of Tambun on 3.10.2011 with eldest brother ,daddy and mummy. Eldest brother planned to bring parents go Lost World but what they can play inside ? So i suggested to go Hot Spring there. After we did some researches then we decided to go.
Around 6pm we reached there .

The entrant of the Hot Spring and the water park is different but both are at the same place.

The counter.
RM 15 per person . It start at 6pm and end at 9pm.

The day view.

Photo took from Google.
It is one of the part.

Night view.

Didn't took photo when we enjoy because got water.

 Photo took from Google.
It is the peak ! water column with sound and many smoke make it like volcanic eruption.

 Photo took from Google.
It is a cave,inside is 45'C,there is a warning of not to stay inside for more than 5 minutes.We went inside also,i think we will faint if stay inside for too long.

It is very nice at night due to the lighting effects.

Why i looked like crying ?

Uncle be my model ...haha

We went there for around 1 hour only,because nothing to see and play at night,what we can do is just immersed in the water.

There is a restaurant.

Went for dinner after that at K10 nearby Jusco ,Ipoh.

Still ok.

The bean sprouts totally not nice.=(  look nice,but taste bad.

 Nice memory with parents.


  1. OMG!!! love this :) I need to go there soon! Where exactly is the lost world? I'm following

    Check my blog and follow me if you like! :)


  2. is in Ipoh,Malaysia...i think google map may help u because i not really know how to tell the location..=)

  3. it's located at Tambun.....
    Lost world of Tambun....


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