Saturday, 22 October 2011

New experience

Many people posted on FB,Twitter on Friday about they feel happy because today will be Saturday.I believe that it is because they have no class on Saturday.But i'm not one of them who feel happy because i still have class on every Saturday for this semester.But i won't feel that sad of having class on Saturday except i can't back Ipoh every week because Saturday class is Japanese class,it's quite interesting.

 Wait the UTAR bus in the morning but there is no bus on that time,i forced to walked to campus,but i'm wearing short pants,it is not allow to go in KTAR area with short pants ,so forced to went back home and changed.When i go through KTAR,i realized that there was graduation ceremony,many parents and students there.Congratulation to those who success to graduate.I walked quite fast to avoid late ,luckily i was punctual,i'm not use to late except there is something happen.

 Class at 10am to 12pm and 3pm to 5pm.But decided to attend the class at 1pm to 3pm as there is a class with same lecturer on that time.Rushed back to home by walk as there is no bus on that period again.
Suppose that Mun Yee took bus back to Ipoh with me,but due to some reason,she didn't back,so i just took bus alone.THE FIRST TIME ! Not the first time i took bus,but the first time i took bus alone.Wait around 40 minutes finally there is a bus.Reached Ipoh at around 5pm.Thanks God i reached home safely.
Is headache now because of the hot weather when i waiting for the bus.

It's a new experience for me and i think my parent won't feel that worry when i took bus back next time.


  1. visit your blog...
    hehe, I never punctual for class..^^

  2. haha...thanks for visit
    funny to hear that...may be i will late a bit,but normally i won't...=)


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