Monday, 17 December 2012

Wedding dinner at Kampar

I'm back ! I'M BACK !
Start my Degree Year 2 Semester 2 semester break officially after 11.30am today ! I feeling happy for this sem break (i feel nothing normally), may be because i might going to KL on this Sunday ? For 4 days ! Or may be because there is one subject this sem is tough and i might fail that sub,not happy because i fail,is happy because the exam over. Can't do anything now right ? Enjoy holiday now is the key !
Didn't update my blog around 1 week and didn't even read others blog posts for 1 week. Luckily the exam this sem only took me around 1 week or else i will not blog more than 1 week which i am unwilling to do so.

Favorite photo of the day.

It's 2nd December,due to my godmother's mother-in-law was not feeling well to attend the wedding dinner so my godmother brought me along since the wedding dinner was at Kam Ling Restaurant @ Kampar (金宝金陵酒家) and that day was Sunday which i going back Kampar on Sunday normally, and so she can fetch me back to hostel after the dinner .

With my godmother.
My godmother is also my neighbor who live right beside my house.

Godmother's daughter = godsister ?
I can only search the word "godmother" but no godfather,godsister and godbrother..So how to address them correctly ?

They all are camera shy ? I had to force them to take photo with me and with the condition of do not post photo on FB. 

Well~don't post on FB,but i posted on Instagram, Twitter and my blog !

Pretty Nicole, who is my friend who i knew since primary school aka my godmother's niece.

Because of their cousin who also the camera man of the day wanted to take photo and i so happy of that because as i mentioned,they are camera shy and i like this photo because i able to take picture with 3 of them together. *Precious moment.*

Outfit of the day.

I shy to selca in front so much of people that i nor recognize so i kept selca in front of the mirror before i removed the make up. 

It's just simple update which i just want to record down the precious and lovely moment.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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