Wednesday, 19 December 2012

GiaWei's Birthday Celebration 2012

It's another year and also the 2nd year i help her celebrate birthday in Kampar, (click here for the first time : ). I can't celebrate with her 2 times like last year which is in Kampar and Ipoh, I decided to have celebration for her in Kampar so i absent for the celebration in Ipoh due to i was not free that day.
Here the place i decided to celebrate for her.
Riotous Cafe @ Kampar.
FB :
It can say as a theme cafe, let's see how special is the cafe.

The feel of home. But the only thing u can't in your room and on your bed is u can't eat on the bed or else u will be blame by your parent right ? But u can do so at this cafe.

I didn't know how the room look like at first so the photo so small. :(

There is wall painting in every room and even the toilet.

Actually i dated her one week before celebration like a normal date as we used to have dinner together on Tuesday and we also want go this cafe before this. I not sure whether she feel something or not but i think i quite calm when i date her.

Went out at 3pm something to print photos,took the cake i ordered and went to the room for little decoration.

So as usual, we went for dinner at around 6.30pm. I think my surprise is not really success because she didn't realize the photo in the photo frame is me and her photo. She realized it after she sat on the bed for a while. Want to make her shock once she step into the room actually,may be because those photos are too small in size.

3 of us ordered honey lemon and lemon tea at RM2.20 each. It's so cheap !

Grilled chicken chop with black pepper sauce at RM10.90.

Grilled chicken chop with Bbq sauce but this is set dinner, came with mushroom soup and the honey lemon at RM13.90.

The birthday girl.

The one and only cake in the world.
The bow and arrow = Sagittarius
The key = 21 years old
and with her name also.

Added some balloons inside the room if not it just too simple.
Let's party babe !

Saw this when i hung out one day and so i bought and make it myself. It's so cute and so easy to make.

Placed this bracelet and a card on her table in the early morning before i went for class and before she wake up so let her had a little surprise once she wake up. I can't do this just because she was in Kampar that day,luckily, if not i can't do all this for her.
The bracelet at i bought from UTAR Flea Market. Actually i want to buy her a key but don't know what thing is with key so just bought this kind of bracelet, it's not expensive present so i hope she don't mind. :D

Although it might be the last time i can help u celebrate birthday in Kampar,but at least we did,it's our memories. 
Stay happy and don't always emo and stay sweet with boy boy.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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