Wednesday, 21 December 2011

GiaWei birthday celebration~part 1

Finish my final exam today ! I'm FREE now ! So there is no any excuse for me not to update my blog.Will blog 2 posts today,because there is many post waiting me and this 2 posts are correlated.  
Is Gia Wei's birthday.Her birthday is on 4th of December (sorry that it really half month ago).Due to we are not in Kampar on the exact date,so we had a pre-celebration.  

Gia Wei like COW so much...her bed is full with cow.So we bought a cow's cake for her also.

How do we celebrate that day ?
I got the idea for so long,i don't know why i will have this idea also,but i sure that it quite special that normally people won't have this kind of celebration for his/her friends unless is bf/gf.
Ya,is CANDLE LIGHT DINNER. I think it not my first time that eat under candle light,because last time when power cut,we(family) will have candle light dinner.

Prepared by me,Cooked by me(i realized that i didn't took photo of our meal)...
First time prepared this and i feel satisfaction when see everyone happy,and the scene.

I invited Gia Wei's friends also.

We bought 2 bottle of champagne.

6 of us.

This is my DIY gift to Gia Wei.There are part of our memories(not all) from 2009-2011.


Read the part 2 for how we give surprise and how was the scene of out candle light dinner.


  1. i love it...really surprise when i saw 2009's photo inside...你带我回去那些年我们时常在一起的日子...

  2. still have some other photos i didn't wash it out...there's too too too many XD

  3. coz we also take photo ma..hehe=)

  4. good lah...we still can remember our memories when we old..


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