Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Movie time

Finish my first subject of final exam,i sure that i can't get very good result,but i think will pass.
Normally i got the mood to blog after exam,may be because i want to relax.

Gonna blog about movie time of me,Kar Kar,Gia Wei and Ming Heng.
See the date,prove that it a long long time ago.

Without make up.
Due to this movie too many people wanna watch,have no ticket ,so we force to bought couple seat ticket,it's  expensive than normal seat but WE WANT WATCH ! So...haha

Kar Kar's baby Doremon.She said she born the baby Doremon with adult Doremon. =.="

After movie,we when to Chatter Kopitiam for lunch.

My kaya butter toast.

No one take photo for me,so i took by myself ...

Hope that my exam result will better than last sem.Bless me.

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