Wednesday, 21 December 2011

GiaWei birthday celebration~part 2

Had a pre-celebration at Kampar,then need to have a celebration in Ipoh also what.I just remind Kean Hoe that Gia Wei's birthday is coming and he ask me to date others to have a celebration with her(me,Gia Wei always the first one who initiate to held a gathering,Kean Hoe date ACS gang,i date those not ACS one,other are being date by us)   
The candle light dinner was on 1/12/2011 and this gathering + celebration was on 3/12/2011.
Gathering with them are always the happy moment.

We gathered at Old Town again,this time is the Old Town opposite of Ipoh Padang.
Christmas feel.

My hot chocolate,due to my stomach not so feeling well,so i ordered a hot chocolate.

Bee Kuan,me and Gia Wei.
Look tired (i really feel tired that time).

Soon and Kum.

Yuet Cheng and Teik.
Is hard to date Yuet Cheng,finally he joined us after so many gathering previously.

Blueberry cake.

3 of us again.

Gia Wei,Vikki and Ling Yew.

Jazz Chong.Debby,Saw Woon,Gia Wei.

All of us.Taller people always at the back,and it will not clear,next time i must stand/sit in front !

The video i mentioned on previous post.Watch it to know how we gave surprise and the scene of out candle light dinner.
The lesson from this video is that i shy from camera,u can see my expression and my eye contact with the camera,quite WEIRD...
Hope that u like it =)
Best Friend Forever .


  1. It's really very nice...thx you all of you to give me a wonderful birthday..espeacially is you who put more heart in the both celebration...appreciate it so much ♥...thx my dear...jimui forever ♥♥♥

  2. i love u so i do all that for u ♥ jimui forever =)


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