Thursday, 22 December 2011

Lim Ko Pi

Every Sunday i will eat breakfast with my Baba & Mami.
That day my eldest brother came back from Klang,so we had breakfast together,my second brother and third brother ate breakfast with us also(normally they won't).
Saw this cafe went across there one day,then i request to go there before,but my eldest brother said it look expensive ,but don't know why this time he said wanna bring my Baba & Mami there.

Is Lim Ko Pi..
If u wanna know where is the actual location,just type the name in Google then u can find it.
Photo from Google.

 Photo from Google.
It located at Old Town Ipoh,so the design of shop is ancient yet nice.

Photo from Google.

There was many customers on that day.

Photo from Google.
There is 2 "room" which are quite nice.


Don't spot my brother,i took this photo because of the tables and chairs of the cafe.
We sat upstairs.

It out of my expectation.
The food there not expensive actually.

98 coffee,with salty pancake (ham jim beng).
Don't know what it mean?

My wanton mee,but wanton finished,but don't feel like wanna eat other,so just order it.
This really can wanton mee without wanton ! haha

My Mami.

Like the ancient design of the cafe.
But just not much foods to choose.

Christmas is just 2 days left,so i planned to teach u all how to fold paper Sanra Claus.May teach today..Stay turn..~

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