Sunday, 20 November 2011

Cousin sister,June Ng's wedding 2

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It's 20.11.2011 (20112011)
It's my cousin sister's BIG DAY !

My niece ^^

Both also their pet.

My uncle,aunt,cousin brothers,cousin sisters and nieces.

Proud to say that few of my cousin sister are quite pretty (included me? XD ). Few of my cousin brothers are handsome too,but they just be out of shape after married..haha

With my pretty cousin sister .

With my another cousin sister.
The FAT me !

With my cute niece...

Cousin sister and my eldest brother.

Do we look alike ? (i don't think so)

The tea my uncle drank was bigger size compared to other relatives! He drank a much much more bigger cup of tea few years ago,and this time he the one being "bully" again...haha..but this time is 2/3 times smaller compared to last time.Pity him.

And this time,my mum being "bully" also..haha...May be because want to save cost,my aunt become "dai kam jie".

Make up of the day.woke up at around 6am to prepare,i was super sleepy that time,just simply make up.

No eyeliner...with BB cream,mascara,eyelashes...

Hope they will happy forever.

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