Sunday, 20 November 2011

Cousin sister,June Ng's wedding

Went to KL to attend my cousin sister's wedding.2 cousin sisters married this year,attended wedding of How Yee on June ,click for part 1 & part 2  ..This time is June Ng's wedding.Reach my aunt's house at around 3pm i think..
Bath and make up at around 4 something.
How's my make up skill ?

With cute niece,Chloe.

A naughty girl.

With nephew, Ivan.

Cute niece, Cathy.

Dog of my cousin sister..

With my mummy...

Mummy,daddy,me and elder brother.

Elder brother,me, and 3rd brother.

My cousin brother said wanna act like my BF..

He always the funniest one,without him,there not much fun already.

Cute nephew,Lucas.

With cousin brother and nephew.

With cousin sister and nephew.

With cousin sister...She,the bride,June Ng.
Is she pretty ? And do we look alike ? hehe

Stay turn for part 2.
Gonna attend a celebration of Christmas in campus tonight,hope there will be a lot of fun.


  1. woah~~~
    so pretty~
    christmas celebration?????
    i wanna join too....can????

  2. hehe,,thanks... over,just a event organised by student's...only yesterday...will update about that later..


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