Friday, 18 November 2011

Maple Sky Cafe


 OMG,it is a post that i should write on last 2 weeks...NO NO NO! Lazy me !
Was finished all the assignments,presentation and tests...yeah~
Back to the topic,i went to Maple Sky cafe with Susu that day(don't know which day already).We never went to this cafe although it just right opposite of out hostel.So we decided to try it.

The environment.

The apartment opposite is our hostel !

My 姜酒面线. For me,it not really nice,the soup,the mee.The 姜酒cooked by Gia Wei's mum only nice...

Susu's sambal chicken rice.This also not really .The wonder not much people come to this cafe.Sorry to say that,but it's fact.

 Only the drinks can be praise(i also can made it =.=")...

Like my smile of the day...not that "fierce" & "fake" already.*smile*

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