Saturday, 26 November 2011


I'm lazy! There is few posts waiting me to update.But i just keep on delay and delay.
Remember last 2 posts ? Is about my cousin sister wedding.But it's finish,now i want to post what we did after that.
Baby 浚昊.

We went to another cousin sister's house to visit her and her new born baby.When we visit her,they baby just newly born for only 1 week.

The baby cousin's brother,Lucas.
He was naughty and kicked my uncle accidentally ,he just so so so cute,he said "sorry" with that pose immediately...I think my uncle will pretend angry to him but after Lucas said "sorry",my uncle smile.Lucas so cute.
Sometime a "sorry" after u did something can prevent the matter become serious.

Baby sleeping 

Fortunately i able to capture his smile.He smile when he sleep.

baby yawn...

Baby cry because hungry.

We then headed to my another cousin sister's new house.
The roads,the house number,the design of the houses were super complicated,we unable to find my cousin's house,and ended up she and her husband drove and brought us to their house.

I can see myself from house opposite.No need buy whole body mirror already.

The owner.

My 3rd brother and eldest brother...

1/30 of all my relative may be,or even lesser than that.

The next time we go KL will be at CNY already.Ang Pau ! haha

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