Wednesday, 30 November 2011

UTAR Flea Market

Study week = slacking week
Feel like wanna blog everyday,but my laziness always exceed the blogging mood.hahax.But today i really feel like blogging.U know why ? Because......there is around 7 posts is waiting me to post..OMG..

Okay okay...Today blog about UTAR Flea Market.It held for around 3-5 times every year i think.Majority of the "hawkers" there are students.Sometime you can buy something very cheap there.
Gia Wei was too tired due to the Joy To The World  event,so she missed it.
Met Pui San and she said she will go Flea Market and i just joined her after class.We waited Yung Shan and we went together.

I brought my camera that day because i didn't took it out from my bag so i just captured some photos and blog about it.

There selling cloths,foods,drinks,earrings,pets,accessories, and many others.

Foods selling there were quite expensive.
But we were craving for foods that time.

With Pui San.
We bought some foods and i just captured this.Marshmallow with chocolate.

With Yung Shan.

If not mistaken,it costs RM2.


We captured photos at there also
1 piece cost RM4 and 3 pieces of photos cost RM10.
They used instax mini camera,so that we can get the photos immediately.

They provided some accessories such as caps and others so that out photos won't be that insipid.

This is mine photo.I like all 3 but i only can take only one so that everyone of us can get one.

Yung Shan.

Pui San.


And i brought this.Eyelashes.10 pairs cost only RM6-7, i forgot the exact price.

Try my very very best to blog.I think there will have more posts during sem break so that i better post all first in order not to heap up many posts.


  1. when i saw the 1st photo, ther's 热恋~
    wat's the second word???

  2. is the name of the foods..i forgot the second one is what already..hehe


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