Thursday, 16 May 2013

Penang 1 day trip ~ Part 3

Come to the last part of my Penang trip. It's all about foods. Our last destination was Gurney Plaza. The most interested place to go of my friends. Heard some of the yummy foods from them and we actually planned what we want to eat before we go. Subway and Borbie is a must !! 
Saw Gurney Plaza has selling macaroon and i was so excited and it also one of our target. 

Rainbow cake is available too.

Borbie ! It so yummy. The first food we bought was Subway. We hesitated whether we should purchase Borbie or not since there is no seat available for us to eat. We then went to Tong Pak Fu and asked whether we can bring outside foods and they said yes. We were so happy and quickly bought Borbie and went to Tong Pak Fu. Problem solved.
Japanese Chicken Bacon (和风培根) that is potato with eggs, broccoli, tuna sauce, sweet corn, chicken bacon, cheese sauce, katsuobushi and black pepper powder. RM8.50

Borbie special (啵比综合) that is potato with pineapple, egg, broccoli, tuna sauce, baked chicken, chicken hotdog, sweet corn, cheese sauce and black pepper powder. RM8.50

Smoked duck (烟熏鸭肉) that is potato with egg, broccoli, tuna sauce, sweet corn, smoked duck, cheese sauce and black pepper. RM8.50

Only 3 because Xiao Tung don't eat cheese so she eat Subway. We all bought Subway but we left it as breakfast of the other day.
This Black Sesame Cream (芝麻糊), RM5.80 ordered by Xiao Tung.
Cheng Yee's Grass Jelly with Red Bean Topping and Matcha Green Tea Snow Ice, RM7.80.

Emilia's Black Glutinous Rice Cream with Coconut Milk(紫米露), RM5.80.

My Glutinous Rice Ball with Syrup (糖不甩), RM4.80.

 The funny Xiao Tung.

 Emilia and Cheng Yee.

Reach Kampar around 12am,everyone of us are so tired yet happy.
Had a great trip with them.  

The macaroons that i bought, 4 for RM14. I like the Mint and black sesame flavor the most. I miss them ! Can i have more ? 

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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