Friday, 18 January 2013

Bread Espresso Dessert @ Ipoh

It's the day i date with the lovely one after she end her final exam and before i start my new sem. She brought me to the coffee shop which i never been there before and i was so interested in that coffee shop. I wanted to have a cup of coffee with art on it long long time ago and i keep searching for it but it is hard to find in Ipoh area. I had one before but that one was so much disappoint me because...

Yes ! This is the one. It suppose a love but it doesn't look like a love shape at all !

A cup of nice coffee art can actually brighten my day. Thanks her i found this coffee shop.Let's see the environment of the coffee shop first. 

There is wall painting also.
B.E.D means for Bread.Espresso.Dessert.

I Google search about this coffee shop before i went there.
The coffee art they did before.

Cakes,bread,sandwiches are available.

Wifi is available too.

Gia Wei's orea cheese cake. Forgot the price,is around RM6-8.
Gia Wei said it taste very nice.

My brownies, RM4.
I like my brownies too,the chocolate is so rich and nice.

Gia Wei's Mocha, RM8.80.

My cappuccino, RM6.80.
My coffee art is much more light in color compare with mocha.

Gia Wei.

Request to have a ribbon coffee art but they don't really know how to make it so just gave me a random art.
They really good in making the coffee art which can lighten my day definitely. However,i hope to have a ribbon coffee art if i possible..hahahahaha

Their coffee is so nice no matter is the outlook or the taste. I definitely will back to B.E.D again in future !

Have a great day with her.

Bread Espresso Dessert's FB :

This corner is so beautiful.

Went to The Store and Parade after that to search for pants and shoes.
*The mirror is dirty*

Had a great chat,had a great coffee and have a great dessert and had a great time with her.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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