Sunday, 20 January 2013

DIY Ribbon Shades

It's hard to find a ribbon shades in the market, I found one but don't wish to spend so much on it  and there was an idea came into my mind one day which it DIY. I like DIY because i can have the one and only one thing in the world. It is awkward when u found that there is someone have the same thing with u. I had one experience recently which happened in campus on the first day of this sem which is last Monday. I brush again a girl who wearing the same T-shirt which i got it from Voir. I was so awkward and i cover my T-shirt using the file and i bet she didn't realize it. OMG... 

 Okay,back to the topic. Here i show u how to personalize your shades.
I'm wearing my ribbon shades to Pangkor Island last year.

This is the shades i brought which do not have any pattern on it.

 This is the ribbon i bought from online shop which actually use for nail DIY but actually it can use in any where which is suitable. You can buy any other patterns too or even diamond, it's your choice.

Example of glue. Can use any other brands.
Use glue like this which u can get from market or even accessories shop which selling glue for nail DIY.

Here is it.
Apply glue at the back of the ribbon and stick it on the correct area u want. Adjust the position first before u stick it on the shades because it is difficult to adjust after u stick on the shades. 

 Easy right ?
You can get the one and only shades in the world only in few minutes time.

 You can use diamond to DIY your name.

Hope will have people like my tutorial.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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