Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Susu's Birthday 2012

Today is the actual day of Susu's birthday but we had a early celebration for him on 18th January 2013 @ Gossip Jazz Blues Lounge @ Greentown, Ipoh . It's also housemates gathering.
 Gossip Jazz Blues Lounge's FB : https://www.facebook.com/GossipJazz?fref=ts

It's my first time to visit.

 Soda water.
I thought it will be Soda ice cream soft drink but it is not.

We ordered set lunch which come with soft drink + salad/mushroom soup + main course. RM15 each set. 

 Mushroom soup.

 Susu's Spaghetti Seafood Marinara.

My Spaghetti Spicy Chicken.

Thanks to Susu and Gia Wei who let me ate this set because i not really a big fans of seafood. Three of them want to order this but we decided to order different things.

Gia Wei's Beef Lasagna.

With my set of lunch.

 Let's see the environment. The environment make us feel like going there again.

It's time to surprise Susu.
Susu was the one who fetch me to take the "birthday cake" but he never know the thing inside the box is not the actual birthday cake like what he thought.  
 It's actually macarons "cake" which is specially ordered for him because he don't really like to eat cake.

 This macarons "cake" is from Awesome Bakery .

 Hope he like the simple celebration that we gave to him.

Cheers !!

 We had make up on that day but we don't like look like we had make up in this photo.

 Favorite photo of the day.

 The customer service is good. The waitress took ordered from us and answered our questions in a good manner,helped us took photos, and allowed us to take photo with the music instruments. 

The natural sunlight make my hair look like brown color and being highlighted although i never dye my hair before. But i will dye my hair soon ... 

Lastly, HAPPY 21th BIRTHDAY TO SUSU again.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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