Friday, 25 January 2013

New Accessories

So excited to get my parcel which a ordered from Taobao (淘宝) around 10 days before . Think of Taobao suddenly when i almost want to make an order with an FB accessories seller which sell her goods more than 5 times expensive than Taobao. Feel so good that i able to buy cheap things and i save so much. I believe that it is impossible for me to use the same amount of money that i purchased from Taobao to buy the same amount of stuffs through FB or accessories shop. 
Each of the accessories here are less than RM2 !!
There is bracelets,rings and earring.
I just show parts of the accessories i bought.

This diamond bracelets suitable for dinner use.
*bling bling*

One of the favorite piece ! Fashionable ring !

My first ribbon ring.
Ribbon is a MUST in my purchase list. 

Triangle is current my favorite.


Another favorite piece.A special and cheap earring.
All the stuffs that i bought. Guess how much i get all of them. I bet u can't believe the total price i used to buy all the stuffs here. I used around RM50 to purchase ALL of them !! Cheap ?? I like accessories because i can have extra style with the same apparel so that i do not get bored of the same apparel.

Hope to get more and more nice accessories !

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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