Sunday, 27 January 2013

{AD} Beautylabo Milk Caramelisee Review

Can't you believe that this is the first time i dye my hair ?? 
Yup, it's the first time to dye my hair in my life !! No lie because Mami not allowed before that and i persuaded her one day after i tried to persuade her for years ! I choose not to go salon because i don't want spend too much money so dye myself will do. After few times i checked out few brands and their colors and   the hair dye brand that i chose at the end is Beautylabo.
The color i chose is milk caramelisee 

I chose this color because the color look like "duck feces green" (鸭屎青) when i saw the sample hair color which place with the hair dye in Watsons which is a nice color. I don't feel like dye brown color as brown color is a popular color that everyone will dye. But ...... (tell you what happened later)

It's free gift.

All the things inside. 
A pair of gloves, color powder,chemical liquid,treatment cream and 2 language of instruction leaflets (Japanese and Chinese).
My original hair.

It's look like brown color but it's really my original hair which never dye before.

The instruction leaflet is quick detail so don't worry that u can't handle it by yourself.

First : change a unused shirt and wear the gloves.

Second : Pour 2 & 3 inside the cup.

Third : Close the cup and shade up and down at least 30 times then apply to your dry hair evenly.
Fourth : Rinse with water after 30 minutes and shampoo your hair.
Fifth : Towel dry your hair and apply with the treatment cream.  

That's all...easy right ?
Let's see the outcome.

I applied more at the roots so the top color is more obvious than the bottom one and i think the amount is not enough for my long hair,need 2 cup may be.

The hair at bottom just like my original hair,not much different actually. What i can say is the brown color of my hair is just more evenly than the original one as the original one still got black color.

And as i mentioned before,i bought this color because i want to have a bit green color but it just have brown color only ..No any green color which i feel disappointed and i said i don't want brown color but now my hair color is brown. :'( 
Thinking of whether i should but another cup of hair dye to dye the bottom hair or just leave it like this. Any suggestion for me ?

Not really have much different i think and i think this brown color not really suit  me :(  What to do ? haiz..feel sad that i can't get the color i want.
Btw, finally i dyed my hair 

Stay turn~
Have a  nice day.

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