Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Euro House @ Ipoh

My sem break was ended 2 days ago and i back to Kampar life again. How i hope it is a good semester for me because last sem was a nightmare however i never feel that this sem will be a good sem but i will try my hard not to let the nightmare happen again and thanks to those friends who comforted me and encouraged me and i also found out "friend" who only asked you about your result and never reply anything again after knowing my result. Omg, you are not a sincere friend and i will not entertain you again.

Back to the topic,  went to Euro House @ Ipoh with Xiao Tung and Chun Fei,a long lost secondary classmate, during sem break.

Fresh apple juice RM8.

It's my 3rd times to be there and the previous 2 times was for chill and this time was for dinner.

See what youngsters do before eat nowadays and it was like a "MUST" for most of us.

Xiao Tung's bolognaise spaghetti, RM14.

My classic fish and chips, RM16.
 It's such a big portion and i used so much time to finished it. I was so full that night.

Chun Fei's Black Olive Tepenade Chicken, RM22.

( All the price are based on my memory and i not sure whether it is correct but is around that if i'm wrong, the price will have only RM1-2 different. )  

Their foods are so big portion and taste nice,all are worth for the price. Will recommend my parents to come here if they want to have western foods one day.

Xiao Tung.
She is more cute with this hair style.

Chun Fei.

That night was not a good night to take for me because they help me took many photos but i was not satisfy one of them.

Group photo before we left. 
Went there at 7pm something and planned to leave at 9pm but we left 10pm something. We got so much to share with each other. Have a enjoyable session with them.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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