Saturday, 12 January 2013

Last date on 2012

As i said before,i did not have any countdown party on Christmas eve and New Year eve but i had date with Kar Kar on the last day of 2012 aka New Year eve. Our date was not at night but noon due to we do not have transport at night so that we never countdown on anything festival eve before.  
Self-capture everytime before went out.

Papa John @ Ipoh Parade.

Papa John's website :

Papa John having set lunch on weekday only at RM9.90. There is 3 sets to choose which are baked rice set, pasta set and 6" pizza set.

Our set lunch included mushroom soup. The mushroom soup is quite tasty as the mushroom soup is quite rich because there is many mushroom grains.

Ice lemon tea.

Kar Kar's spaghetti.

My chicken Super Papa's 6" pizza.

With chili and butter. 
Their pizza is quite nice and it really price reasonable for their set lunch.

Bought 2 new jeans @ Voir only RM90 both !

Long time never shopping only with her without singK and our time was actually not enough time but still satisfied.

I hold 2 plastic bags but actually there is many small plastic bags inside both big plastic bags and the pink color plastic bags was the belated Christmas present from Kar Kar.

The present included the ribbon handbag,gingerbread key chain and a Doraemon greeting card.   

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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