Thursday, 10 January 2013

Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills

Not to say it's last day of my KL trip however it is the last place i visit . Why i say so ? Will tell u later.
Set out to Colmar Tropicale (also called as Bukit Tinggi)  after breakfast .

The first time i came here and wanted to play a visit long time ago but it's quite far from Ipoh so do not have chance before that although my parent promised me to bring me go once but the date is not fix so it might be few months later,few years later.. :-O Thanks brother who brought me here although i ever "blame" him that he went there with friends but not me.hahha

It's cloudy and drizzle day and luckily it is because we won't feel hot.

However,it's also a windy day. 

Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills's website : 

I am getting closer to the France village!!

We guessed do not have must people that day because not much vehicles on the way to there and most were went to Genting Highland (Colmar Tropicale are near to Genting Highland) but we were wrong ! So crowded there and more and more people came especially at noon。

One of the souvenir shop which you can buy and color the plaster at there. Many parents accompany their kids to color the plaster at there. Spot the horse,so nice right ?  

Those building are so nice and attractive.

Black swam.

They are so cute,i unable to touch them because they must shrink their head whenever my hand is near to them like in the photo.

And white swam.. White swam are much bigger in size than black swam.

Took shutter bus to the Japanese village and it's free.

We need to walk a distance to reach the Japanese Village.

I'm ready to the mystery place .

Heavy fog.

The souvenir shop of Japanese village.

There is i lot of spider nets on trees and found this one was build in a nicer organization compare to other may be this spider is perfectionist ..hahha

Unable to take photo at here because there was a families taking photo there.

Kimonos are available for rent at RM20. I feel like to try but there was too many of tourists and have to queue up for photo taking . I felt happy when on the way to Bukit Tinggi because of amount of cars are less and i able to take as much photos as possible but i was shocked because there was so many tourists.

There is quite many slope,must take care of your parents if you are go with family members.

There is a bus stop for tourists who wanted to sit the shuttle bus back to the France Village.

My brother was not feeling well once he woke up and it was more serious after this so we just back home and let him rest and the rest of my day was sleep, eat and sleep until the next morning and back Ipoh once ate breakfast. I thought we still go for last shopping before we back but we didn't and i was a bit upset because i bought only 4 cloths throughout this 4 days,it's super not satisfied but it's still happy that i got this trip with family. Just looking forward for the next chance and hope it will be more fun then this time.
That's all for my KL Trip.

Received a very bad news today and it ruined my day. Promised myself don't have 2nd time and i have to and must to work harder !!

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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