Wednesday, 20 February 2013

B.E.D @ Ipoh AGAIN

It's Chu 7 and it's the day i date with Xiao Tung as we said that want to hang out during CNY before. She gave me 2 choices of where to go one is B.E.D and another one i forgot. I make decision immediately without thinking ! 
The braid is my real hair not those hairband that selling in the market.

THIS ! The reason why i choose B.E.D without thinking .
I name it as "Ribbon in the love" latte.

So happy to have ribbon coffee art !!! Ribbon lover aka me,wants everything in ribbon. hahaha
Can i have another design of ribbon next time or write my name on the coffee ??? *greedy*
But i really hope to have different coffee art design every time i go there.

From "Hokkaido" with love cupcake, RM3. 

Xiao Tung's hazelnut latte.
She don't like coffee as she got bad experience before, so good that she let me choose B.E.D . It's her first cup of coffee with coffee art. Coffee art attract a person who don't like coffee. Miracle :D

Finding the best angle.

Xiao Tung.

I was shocked when i placed order.
Me : I want latte. Erm...can i have.......
Barista : Ribbon ?
Me : Huh ??? U remember me ???
Barista : We are trying and investigating how to make ribbon.

I was shocked before this is my 2nd time to be there means he only seen me once before that but he can recognized me and remember that i want a ribbon coffee art as i request when the first time i went there but they do not know how to make it.I didn't expect that he remember that i want ribbon even remember me. It's my request too special so that he remember me ? But it's good that he remember me because i can have ribbon coffee art finally. 
*happy like a kid*

Caffe latte, RM6.80.
Hazelnut latte, RM8.80.

Pattern !
But it's my feeling because thousand unwilling to stir the it ! I even told Xiao Tung that i need to take many photos so that the coffee can die gloriously. hahaha. Funny me..

Some photos are similar with the previous post of Bread Espresso Dessert

I chose latte just because the color of the coffee is darker so that the coffee art can be seen clearly.
I still love cappuccino after i tried latte.

Last photo.
Pattern again ! I think the coffee really dead gloriously after i took so much of photos.  Can't wait for the next time i visit again but don't know when is it.

Went to Purple Cane after that,will update about it on next post.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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