Saturday, 23 February 2013

Purple Cane Tea House @ Ipoh

Back to school after CNY holiday and so much of assignments,midterm tests waiting me and there is 2 midterm test on Saturday :-o First time i experience 2 tests in a day. Running nose yesterday night and i thought it might be because of the cold weather but i still feel not feeling well today and i really catch a cold. WHY at this busiest period ??? Feel a little bit dizzy all the day and i just feel i have a little bit sore throat ! OMG,OH NO !! :(
Back to the topic, Xiao Tung and i went to Purple Cane Tea House(紫藤) after Bread Espresso Dessert.

Accessories of the day.

First time i came here. Wanted to go long time ago and like finally i got the chance.

Xiao Tung's rotus root chicken tea soup(莲藕茶汤),RM6.90.

The environment is so nice. 

There is tea,tea making accessories selling there.

Is the environment impress u ?

Xiao Tung with her tea.

My lemon glass black tea(香茅红茶), RM5.90.
It's got some ginger taste which i not really like,but something that u don't like always something that good for u ! Like me, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine said that ginger good for me and i need to eat /drink more,but i not really like the taste.
Spring romance pudding(焦糖布丁), RM4,it using Rose Tea.
There is Summer green pudding which using Green Tea(绿茶布丁),Autumn tea jelly using Dong Ding Oolong(乌龙茶凍) and cold winter jelly using Jasmine tea(茉莉茶凍). (4 seasons)

This Spring romance pudding taste good ! 

Glutinous rice ball in rose soya bean,玫瑰豆浆汤圆.

Have a nice day with Xiao Tung. Sometime i prefer this kind of tea session rather than shopping because i can blog more, eat more and visit different places. But it make my blog full of foods,drinks and desserts.
haha. But i love shopping too. to eat,play and shopping !

Xiao Tung look like a doll in these 2 photos.
First photo is a cute doll and the second photo is a fierce doll. 
Our next tea session might be after our final exam which is on May. Can't wait for that !

Stay turn~
Take care to all.
Have a nice day.

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