Saturday, 2 March 2013

Kuil Seen Hock Yeen @ Ipoh

Was busy of midterm last week. I had 2 midterm tests in a day which was yesterday however some of my friends even had 3-4 midterm tests last week. It's CRAZY !!! Busy on revision so i have no time to blog last week and another reason is i out of thing to blog recently so delay some post so that i seem like got thing to blog. I continue with my CNY post although CNY was passed or i can said CNY is coming again (next year) ? sound better right ? hahaha...It's Chu 8,had a breakfast with secondary schoolmates.

 Saw Woon and me wore the same color of outfit coincidentally :D 

The friends i wanna met and this also the purpose of the breakfast.

Went to Kuil Seen Hock Yeen@Chemor,Ipoh (善学院@朱毛)after breakfast. Jenson joined Gia Wei and me.

This place look nice right ??? Took so many landscape photos that day. 

It's my 3/4 times of visit however it's my first time of visit after added some things which i will tell later.

They give money to students who get A in PMR and SPM. 
I got some money for my PMR, but i didn't get money for SPM because i didn't register.
We are one family :D Monkey's family...hahha
Don't just spot "that" place please ! I bet u know what i means !

The 12 zodiacs .

Welcome to Seen Hock Yeen !

Here the another place that it haven't build when the last time i visit here.

Eighteen arhats bronze statues (十八罗汉铜像).

Confucius bronze statue.

There is a big car park,no worry that u can't find parking unless it's really crowded on specific day.  

Boring of city life or want to visit some places other than city ? Here the nice place u can visit.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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