Thursday, 7 March 2013

Sweet Hug again

It's still CNY post..opps..Dated housemates to have our dinner as CNY dinner. The most difficult question is "where to eat",scratched our head for weeks with this question and finally we chose Sweet Hug since Gia Wei never been there before.
Here the first post about Sweet Hug House :

Mushroom cheese bake rice.
Set (main course + drinks) : RM10.80

With mushroom and chicken inside.

Susu's fish and chips.
The french fries is like bigger than the fish. It came with a super small portion even me will still feel nothing inside my stomach after finish it i guess.
Set : RM12.80

Gia Wei's honey chicken chop.
It's came after Susu and me almost finish our meal and we already ate at a very slow speed.
Set : RM13.80

I think we don't come back again unless for their chocolate/cheese fondue.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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